R-LINK 2 system

Making travel simple!  

Equipment, functionalities, services, updates, compatibility… Find all of the information relating to your R-LINK 2 multimedia system. 
A look at Renault's R-LINK Evolution system
7 or 8.7'' touch screen
The R-LINK 2 Multimedia system is equipped with a large 7" or 8.7'' vertical touch screen with a graphic interface similar to tablets and proven durability.  . 
Precision gestures and prefect integration into the dashboard ensure optimum driving safety.      
Renault R-LINK 2 display screen showing the Eco Driving scores
ECO Drive
View a report on your journeys and driving advice to optimise your fuel consumption.
A Renault steering wheel that has the R LINK 2 voice recognition button
R-LINK 2 voice recognition
Via the steering wheel controls, use the voice recognition system to launch a trip to one of your favourite destinations, call a contact from your phone address book available in Bluetooth or change your radio station. Let yourself be guided by the system's voice!
System customisation
Choose the fully customisable homepage for your system. Manage your profile to store all of your preferences: sound levels, rear-view mirror adjustments, seat adjustments, favourite radio stations, paired phones.
Apple CarPlay for R-LINK 2
Apple CarPlay™ for R-LINK 2*
Find the best apps installed on your iPhone (iPhone 5 and iOS7 and above), and approved by Apple for driving mode, on the big screen of R-LINK 2.  Using the approved cable, connect your iPhone to the front USB jack for effortless enjoyment of your music. You can read and dictate your messages, make calls or launch an itinerary with the greatest of ease.

Remember to enable mobile data to take advantage of Apple CarPlay™
on board. 

* Available depending on model and date of manufacture.
A man accessing the Android Auto application of R-LINK 2 from his mobile
Android Auto™ for R-LINK 2*
Find the best applications specially designed for use while driving on your smartphone equipped with Android 5 or above. Google Maps guides you on R-LINK 2's large screen. You can also dictate messages and rapidly access your favourite music.

Don't forget to activate your phone's mobile data and connect the USB cable at the front using a high quality cable.

* Available depending on model and date of manufacture.
Renault R-LINK 2 system shown from a cross angle
Control panel for air conditioning, driving assistance and more
From your touch screen, control the temperature to the nearest degree, manage your reverse parking effortlessly with Park Assist® and easily access your audio and video sources thanks to the 2 available USB ports and Bluetooth on-board. 

Depending on the model or the level of equipment of your Renault, choose your ambient lighting and your mode of driving from 4 Multi Experience pre-programmed modes: neutral, eco, comfort or sport.
3D maps
Enjoy unparalleled comfort throughout your journeys with realistic 3D mapping on your 8.7" screen, in high resolution images, displaying buildings and points of interest.