Connect R&Go Radio system

Use the controls from your R&Go mobile application! 

Equipment, functionalities, services, updates, compatibility… Connect R&Go Radio system. 
multimedia touch screen - Renault Connect
View your extended dashboard
Current fuel consumption, rev counter secondary display, followed by your fuel consumption... Enjoy a true extension to your dashboard. 
Renault RGo system dial pad with a mobile number entered into it
Take calls while driving in full safety!
Make and receive calls while driving using the intuitive interface.
multimedia touch screen - Renault Connect
Start eco-driving!
Challenge yourself to ECO2  driving using the driving style widget and share your score with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email.
Customise your interface! Arrival time, mileage to destination, directions... Find all of the WAZE essentials in an R&Go widget!
View your environmentally friendly journeys
At the end of your journey, access your ECO driving report with ease. With ECO Map, view the areas where your driving was the most ecological and economical. You can also find out your miles saved using eco-driving when the ECO button on your vehicle is activated.
Multiple multimedia sources R&Go
Enjoy thousands of Orange® web radio stations!  Play music from your telephone, from your USB stick or directly control your radio, all from a single screen.
You can also enjoy the "Song ID" music recognition function to find out all about the song you are listening to.
A man happily looking outside the Renault door window with his arm placed
Easily find your Renault's parking space
Don't waste any more time trekking around the car park trying to find your car! The R&Go application will take you to it.
R&GO system indicating the tyre condition
Monitor your tyre condition
View the overall condition of your tyres (or the details for each tyre*) using the R&Go mobile application. Where one or more tyres are faulty, a pop-up window offers you to proceed to a tyre check.  

* Depending on the vehicle
Renault R&Go system calendar
Your calendar sets itself with R&Go
Consult the events in your calendar using R&Go and launch an itinerary to your next appointment location with ease.
R&Go app
Available on Android and iOS, R&Go is a practical and intelligent app developed for perfect integration with your Renault vehicle. Its 4-button interface - Phone, Multimedia, Vehicle and Navigation - is designed to make you discover a new way to use your smartphone / tablet with your Renault and access all the features of your phone and vehicle in an ergonomic and intuitive way!
Renault assistance in one click
In case of breakdowns, R&Go will connect you to Renault Assistance. 

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