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How do I do an update?

On the Renault Connect site, select the CARMINAT TomTom system. You will be redirected to the TomTom site, where you will be able to update your system free of charge.

Please follow the procedure described by TomTom. 

If you encounter difficulties, please call TomTom Customer Support for assistance.

How do I know if my system needs to be updated?

Variant 1:

If your R-LINK/R-LINK Evolution needs to be updated, you will receive a notification message and/or an email in your inbox – at the address that you indicated.


Variant 2:

You can check the version number of the application in the GPS system settings.

From the main menu, press the "System" button, then click on "Status and Information"

If the first 5 digits of your R-LINK/R-LINK Evolution system are earlier than 11.344, etc. (e.g. 11.342.2681682-8046 or 11.335.2094591-7025. etc.), then the system needs to be updated.

Note: For more information, you can consult our FAQ ("How do I update my R-LINK, R-LINK Evolution?")

Is the update free?

Yes, you can update your R-LINK/R-LINK Evolution system on the Renault Connect site free of charge. Click HERE to start the update.

Note: For more information, you can consult our FAQ "How do I update my R-LINK/R-LINK Evolution?".

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