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Al-Babtain Group is the sole distributor of Nissan, Infiniti, Renault and Citroen brands in the State of Kuwait. Over the years, with best practices and total customer focus the company has moved from strength to strength & today earns the distinction of having the market leadership within certain key segments & the highest market share for Nissan within the Middle East countries.

In 1948, the founders of Al-Babtain Group envisioned a corporation that will model passion, integrity and commitment throughout Kuwait and the greater Middle Eastern region. Today, Al-Babtain Group has licensing rights for some of the worlds leading brands, stretching the globe from the U.S.A to the Far East. More than 60 years later, Al-Babtain Group continues to achieve astounding results due to a versatile strategic formula focusing on growth amongst its sphere of activities, including: Automotive, Information Technology, Investment, Industrial and Finance.

The company will never compromise the quality of service to its customers or suppliers in the interests of growth and, is committed to the highest levels of staff professional, technical and motivational training, with continuous management development aiming to maintain the highest customer satisfaction standards.

The company has an active investment division with the principle aim of creating an additional profit stream targeting the real estate business, focused on the leisure, residential and commercial sectors, some in adjacent secure countries. The Strategy includes partnerships with the most prominent operating companies in their fields of activity after, careful market research, through due diligence, the employment of qualified staff and consultants, to achieve the investment projected success criteria.
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